World247 – A Centralised Crypto Exchange

World247 is a centralised cryptocurrency exchange which has a web app as well as both iOS and Android mobile apps. World247 features all the industry standard features and follows all essential security and privacy regulations.

Some notable features of the CEX platform we built are,

  • Our own matching engine built from scratch and capable of doing over 40k TPS with multi-threading.
  • Independent Multi-blockchain wallet system which works on our own nodes for BTC based blockchains and our own infrastructure with public nodes for ETH based EVM blockchains.
  • Standard features like user KYC, Email and Phone verification built in.
  • Rich admin panel with user management, hot wallet management, currency management and crypto pairs management via simple GUI.
  • Our admin panel also enables admin to add new ERC20 or similar (BEP20 etc) tokens with the GUI without any help from the development team.
  • A simple customer support system already built in.
  • Optional module for P2P buy-sell ads and deals where the exchange acts as an escrow (Like localbitcoins)
  • Enhanced security features built in the system so it can be securely deployed in any VPS environment with all the security